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I’m not a big fan of console shooters. Never have been. I can’t aim properly on them. The crosshairs go all over the shop, instead of towards the brains of the intended victim. Still, I thought I’d give this a go. After all, there aren’t enough Wild West shooters around, and I haven’t actually played one I liked since Outlaws…

Red, Clint… Clint, Red. If you’re gonna steal, steal from the best.

Red Dead Revolver is maybe a little different to what you would expect. It’s third-person, for a start, which means you get to do just a little bit more than the standard blasting. There’s a level on a train, for instance, where you’re riding through a canyon, blasting intruders while jumping along the train, ducking under bridges and the like. It’s good fun, and it wouldn’t have worked as well from the first-person viewpoint.

Of course, there’s the obligatory story mode, but what’s more interesting than most games of this type is the fact that you don’t just play as the titular hero. You also get to play occasional levels as a character from his story. This helps to draw you into the game just a wee bit more effectively. Also, though the gameplay in these levels is much the same, the objectives are markedly different, and these are the things you need to stop you getting bored.

If you’re gonna shoot, shoot. Don’t talk

This being a Rockstar game, I’m sure everyone expected it to be like Grand Theft Auto with horses. It isn’t. The illusion of freedom is a lot weaker. There is a town to wander around, but it just serves as a link between one level and the next. That doesn’t matter, though. I mean, if you want a Grand Theft Auto game, there are two modern ones out there already, with a third on the way. Get those instead.

Go on. Pop the little bastard. You
know you want to.

Red Dead Revolver is a rootin’ tootin’, Wild West shootin’ action game. It’s about as arcadey as you can get, and all the better for it. Everything you would expect to be here is here: bar brawls, horses to ride, quick-draw duels and more guns and ammo than you’d find on a redneck hunting trip. It’s flawed, and you’ll finish it in a week or two, but it’s great fun and that’s always what counts. Besides, you get to shoot midget circus clowns in the head. What could be more fun than that?

PAULEMOZ, June 2004.

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