paper arcade - change booth soon
They'll be waiting to cheer
Your life re-lived
This week the booth - next week staff and customers! Oh yes!

Paper Arcade.

Go to the following links (click on the picture of the cab you want to make) using the internet and print out the – if you will – paper-engineered blueprints (should scale to fit any paper size* see bottom of this page for more help on printing). Cut, fold, make, be proud of. That is all.

Paper models by: Fuseball, with additional models by Blind Voyer, KOWORLD and Etokle.

Change Booth (sheet 1)

Change Booth (sheet 2)


Dragons Lair

Ms Pac-Man

Donkey Kong








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*printing help:

The images will scale to fit pretty much any paper size: A4, Legal, Letter - whatever suits. The easiest way to do this is to either insert or drag the image into a word-processing, or presentation package (Word and Powerpoint work well - so will Open Office etc).

1 Click on the Paper Arcade image you want to make

2 When the large image loads right-click on it and save that onto your computer

3 Open a blank Word (or similar package) document

4 Insert the saved picture into this document

5 Set the page margins to the smallest your package/paper-size will allow

6 Stretch (or shrink) your Paper Arcade image to fit within these margins (in Word dragging a corner of the image while holding down 'shift' will keep your picture in the correct scaled proportions)

7 When you're happy that you've got things where you want them - print away!

8 For those of you in certain US states and in Hull - we must, by law, point out that, once printed, these models require cutting-out and glueing together

They'll be waiting to cheer


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