50 greatest shooters ever bang
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Shooting shit. It’s what it’s all about. We dare say most people currently reading this sentence first fell in love with videogames as a result of pressing a button and shooting some shit. So, we’ve had a think and we’ve come up with our fifty favouritest non-shit shit-shooters.

Because it’s the fiftieth issue, see.

No, we don’t expect you to agree with them all, but y’know – that’s kind of the point. Celebrate, debate, supporate…

And in reverse order...

50 to 40 - Oooh the suspense.
39 to 29 - Wow, if only we had Paul Ross to present.

28 to 18 - Time for a cup of tea in the break?

17 to 6 - Nearly there, so you get just a bit more meat.

5 - Into the legends...

4 - Is this the Bobby Moore to no.1's Paul Gascoigne?

3 - 3-2-1 quipped Ted Rogers. He wasn't wrong.

2 - We argued and agonised for months over this list - we really did.

1 - But of the number one slot, there was never any doubt.

RODENTIA, September 2004.

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They'll be waiting to cheer


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