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A Shooting Game for PC* from ‘Redpoint’ (Fuseball and Sickboy)

Download Deadeye – as a .zip (4mb)

Read the ReadMe for controls and that.

How To Play.

All-New High Score Table here.

Sickboy, he say:

“Quite a bit has changed since the Christmas demo. We wanted to add a lot more depth and score-maximising potential to the game – make it less precise and sedate, more hostile. A bit of old-school Williams edge and one or two modern-day Japanese shooter influences. That was the plan, anyway. Hope you like. That All-Time High Score is definitely beatable, by the way. ;)”.

Coming soon to this very page…

A special link where you’ll be able to give us a small amount of money for the privilege of playing the final, full, bastard-hard, grown-up, 50-level version of Deadeye.

* Yes. YES. YEEEEES! There will be a Mac version. But not just yet.

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