Why I Love...
Bonus Stage
Howard Scott Warshaw
TT digs for the truth
Real World Physics
Russ grapples with gravity.
Bitter Sweet Symphony
Real physics lessons, with Koworld.
This Gaming Life
Maibock does it with card.
Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins
Rockwaldo goes for a walk
Naked War
Oddbob gets down and dirty
Mario Basketball 3 On 3
Romanista fancies a threesome
Xbox 360 Live Arcade
Downloadable games? On a console? That'll never work.
Soul Calibur 3
Siamese takes his time.
Summer shopping with Tightwad
Ely talks football. Again.
Gaming Personals
Mr Nath takes out an ad.


Mamemeister [On Sensible Soccer 2006]
"I'm err, quite enjoying it, only played 2 matches though. Is it early days? Not putting Scotland, Wales or either Irish team in is pretty fuckin unforgivable mind. Its also the only footy game to give me 'motion' sickness. Fuck, maybe it is pap.."


"Found my two lads huddled over Rollercoaster Tycoon a while back, giggling at the 'death coaster' they had created, which ended abruptly, 200 feet in the air, spilling each screaming carload into their specially crafted alligator pool using the Wild! Add on. Quite the crimson Jacuzzi going on, which they had cunningly billed as a separate attraction, charging voyeurs for the privilege of witnessing the carnage, and knowing full well they'd eventually join the morass of thrashing limbs anyway, by injudicious choice of footwear and sloppy code. No law of diminishing returns here either, with endless, hell-bent supply lines lengthening the park, and not a crapper in sight."


Mr Nath [On the World Wanking Record]
"...Eight and a half hours is the record? Now, call me naive, but for a record that doesn't seem that long? Maybe the gap between amateur and professional is smaller in the masturbation game than other sports"

We proudly present Rodent's world famous bid to list the top 5 of everything in the world.

Top 5 - Activities in Test Drive Unlimited
Drive quite fast
Turn corners quite fast

Hit on-coming drivers head on

Stop and wait for slow racers to almost catch-up then fuck off like a cunt

Get stuck in a ditch and forget which key to press to reset your car. For an hour.


"Get your Black Shirts here."


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Holidays. Seems like everyone's been away this month except me. So I've been left to hold the fort here at Rodent Towers, sorting out this month's helping of the original spirit. There's some blummin' tip-top stuff too.

Russ kicks us off in an angry missive about physics of all things. Maibock bares his soul in another This Gaming Life, and Mr Nath tells us how to pull each other by placing suitable adverts in a newspaper (whatever next?)

I spent most of this month trying to condense an hour long conversation with Atari modern-game-dodger Howard Scott Warshaw, into 1600 words. Thus leaving the rest of this month contributors to bring us a bunch of new reviews and Why I Love's.

Bear with us as we try something new this month - a dive into the archives of Rodent, where we resurrect some of our best stuff from Issues Past.

And as always, let us know what you think by using the "Comments" button at the end of each piece.

See you next month.

TT, Deputy Editor - September 2006

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