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World Famous WotR Top Fives


Top 5...


5 .Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, GC (£25)

4 .Motocross Madness 2, PC (£30)

3 .Wave Race: BS, GC (£30)

2. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, GC (£40)

1. Ikaruga, DC (£50)

(WotR top fives are nothing more than the wrong opinion of the clueless twonk whose name appears at the top of the article. There's your fucking Ikaruga - right at the top as well. Just as it would be at the top of the "Top five games that aren't Ikaruga" just to cause some confusion)


Unspecially for you…

Fast Times At Rodent High! Whilst the headmaster is off welcoming the latest addition of ninja-cyborg-gaming-wizards into the world, us proles are in charge and running riot. We're broaching a keg and going craaaaazy on a heady mix of shandy and Strepsils. The green ones, no less.

We had party snacks, and then ate them all.

So what's this? Another issue with neither special nor theme to it? Fear not, dear readers, for we've yet to fire blanks from our writing gun. Last week we did the sex, and our wordy gonads are simply stockpiling the next batch of gametes ready to unite in an explosive and fusing glory of zygote production.

This week was going to be unspecial, a plasticised Rodent flavoured imitation, but late breaking news means we do indeed have a special thing to celebrate. Have a cigar, grab a flute of champers and put your hands together for our editor in chief: Player Sickboy Has Received An Extra Life.

Congratulations! All our love and best wishes are going out to Sickboy and family.

Now let's all settle down and welcome the return of an old friend. Nitebycandlelite is back with a story of love and games: in Romeo and Juliet style he recounts the uniting of house Sega and house Nintendo, except without that crap bit at the end where they die. Oh, and all the crap bits in the middle where they don't speak proppa. We've some new talent in the shape of Kentish, who takes us on a little journey of arcade conversions. Pap is back with a bit of Footy and Skating. And finally, Swith and Russ have gone mental under influence of the Strepsil stash and return with their next instalment of conspiratorial lunacy.


Come suckle on the breast of our original videogaming spirit…

The girl with a Nintendo ear-ring NITEBYCANDLELITE

Arcades in the home? It'll never happen. KENTISH

Here we go, at long last - PES4. PAP

Can you get high licking carpets? SWITH ‘N' RUSS

Skoochy, wudgy boochy boo. JIMAROID

Cheers then!

JIMAROID, Guest Editor, October 22nd 2004

Next week…



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