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"The gameplay was sweet and much more flowing and intricate than the monolithic march of the Space Invaders.”


Fatter, happier…

Aaaaaaaaah. That’s better.

Back off of holiday. We wrote a postcard to every single reader, but honestly, stamps are so expensive. And anyway, we forgot to buy any. And we’re lying. So, generally…

I bought a lollipop and the man was buried in the sand and the sea was cold but we splashed each other and our mummy told us that was enough and I went on the rides and I liked the horsey rides best and then we played Mario on the GameBoy and I was Mario and I jumped off the sand dunes onto daddy who was Luigi and then a man asked us if we’d like to see some puppies and I laughed because I’d seen the Public Information Films compilation DVD that my daddy has got and then the man went away.

This week, games, games and more games. Oh, and retro coat-hangers. Actually, just games.

”Home, sweet home…”

Reading matter/s…

Sucking chest wound? Be a man, and scatter some original videogaming spirit over it, like in the films…

Babies and gamies. Who’s the daddy now? AHCHAY

Mystery Games. Memory fades, but the myth lives on. CYRIC

Quantum. Ma, it’s making pretty patterns at me. FUSEBALL

Psi-Ops. Chuck people around with your thinks. PAULEMOZ

Burnout 3. Exclusive! Play it here! PAULEMOZ/RODENTIA

Next Week…

Cheers then!

RODENT, September 1st 2004


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