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It’s tough being human sometimes.

Work. Relationships. Friendships. Duty. Responsibility – ah yes, that’s the big one. Whatever our problems are, they all boil down to responsibility. Do we loaf on the sofa all day with Wavebird in hand or do we call in a sicky? Go down the pub after work, or go home in time for tea? Do you want to stay in bed cuddling the one you love this Sunday? Or should you really make the effort to get round to Aunt Mabel’s and pretend to enjoy a too-dry joint of pork?

We all have competing demands on our time. As we grow older our responsibilities grow ever more demanding, and more contradictory. The days of do-as-you-please fall ever more behind as we shuffle from commitment to commitment with increasing regularity and with ever decreasing free time to just be ourselves in.

We could subsume our hopes and aspirations into the success of our nominated football club. We could succumb to the inevitable and tie our lives into the rhythm of Eastenders. We could even invent ever more elaborate fantasies to sustain us through the long drudgery of the days ahead.

But we are Rodent...


...and we rely on Original Gaming Spirit to get us through the long days of duty.

Jimaroid goes Hellifornia Dreaming

Simpler? Yes. Better? You decide – from Pap

Ahchay does four at once… Hudson Selection.

Koworld’s died and gone… Somewhere Grim

DIO is proud to announce WotR’s brand new dating area.

Ah, just in time for our annual Halo Tournament!

Next week:

A chance to come say hello. Friday August the 20th sees the latest in a now infamous line of 'Nights out'. Good friend of WotR PVB (and our most diligent sub-editor) is 40 so we'll be drinking beers, eating sushi (we learned that off Edge) and blathering on about how the old days were bester, at Fluid in London's Farringdon. Come along, introduce yourself have a beer. No hang-ups just come in and say hello - more details here.

On and a quick remider that we're having Friday the 27th of August off. Hope that's still okay with everyone?

RODENT, August 12th 2004

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