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The game of the film!

Words to strike terror into the hearts of sane videogame devotees the world over. Too often have we had to put up with the shameless cynicism of a platformy bit, a driving bit and a vaguely shootish section. Every film from Cobra through to Charlie’s Angels and, for all we know or care, the execrable Love, Actually has suffered the ignominy of the hasty ‘will that do?’ videogame.

So, you can imagine our surprise when not one, but two, licensed game-of-the-hit-movie games turn up this month that not only manage to not be shit, but to be fantastically good.

Spiderman 2 should, like pretty much all the previous Spidey games, be terrible, but it’s not. It’s fun, witty, engaging and – most importantly – makes you feel like a super-hero. Someone at Activision deserves a pay-rise.

And then, as if that’s not enough, there’s the Chronicles of Riddick. We choose to ignore the fact that the film is laughable sci-fi of the kind that went out of fashion in the century before last. Vin Diesel quite simply deserves to be applauded for sticking his neck out and helping to make this one of the games of the year. Comparisons with Halo are not unfounded. We may even forgive him for xXx…


Take a deep breath, here’s your weekly dose of Original Gaming Spirit:

It’s a Gameboy nation, says AHCHAY

You can call Dio ‘Dr’ Katakana

Oooh it's dark here in the Dungeon - Throngor

Pap turns the Amplitude up to eleven

PAPER ARCADE - One for the workers, by KOWORLD

All the acting ability of a small truck, but Vin’s a rodent at heart

Next Week… Fuckin' hell - sorry Bruno.

RODENT, July 16th 2004

Top Ten

Films we'd actually like to see as games - Ahchay

10. Totoro – The Cat Bus is the best thing ever and I want to drive it.
9. The Godfather – Grand Theft America
8. Jaws – Bass Rise Fishing. With bite
7. Bullet – Come on. You know why
6. AmelieAmelie Crossing?
5. Grease – A dating-sim for the (western) masses
4. Dirty Harry – Deathmatch. Clint style.
3. Kill Bill – Kung Fu Master for the 21 st Century
2. Night of the Hunter – If Capcom can only stop making Resident Evil for 5 minutes. This is what survival horror is all about
1. Star Wars - For fucksake

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